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Friday, 27 January 2023
Former Afghan premier escapes in suicide bombing in Kabul mosque

Former Afghan premier escapes in suicide bombing in Kabul mosque

By Zahid Shah

ISLAMABAD - Former Afghan Prime Minister and chief of Hezb-e-Islami party Gulbuddin Hekmatyar escaped in an suicide bombing in Afghanistan capital Kabul during Friday prayer.

According to his party officials two suicide bombers were trying to entered in mosque where Hekmatyar performing prayer, however both of them were killed before reaching the veteran Afghan mujahideen leader.


"Mr. Hekmatyar is safe. I’m with him," Obaidullah Baheer tweeted.


According to Baheer, the bombers were apparently trying to enter in the mosque and reach it target but they failed.


"Today I stood and stared at the faces of the dead attackers outside the mosque. They were two young men who threw away their lives to senseless violence. They killed two beautiful souls as well but my heart broke looking at them. How many more will be lost to this madness," he added.
Obaidullah Baheer was also in the mosque along with Hikmatyar.
"I know they both would not have spared a thought before killing me but I mourn their deaths. I mourn this vicious cycle. How we give out death so easily in our part of the world," he added.

Later Hikmatyar in a video message said that this was not the first time that enemy tried to target him.

"The suicide bomber who were wearing suicide jackets opened fire on worshipers outside the main mosque building but both of them killed before reaching the target," Hikmatyar said.


"Both of them were in women cloth," he said.


He added they are investigating who carried out this attack.


"In last 50 years, this kind of attempts had been made repeatedly, but Allah always kept me safe," Vetran Afghan leader said.

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