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Sunday, 19 May 2024
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Over 95% of Pakistani believes, US toppled Imran Khan's government in South Asian country : Recent Twitter survey

Over 95% of Pakistani believes, US toppled Imran Khan's government in South Asian country : Recent Twitter survey

By Mashal Khan


ISLAMABAD (TSAT) - Over 95% of Pakistani, who took part in a recent survey, believed that the United States was behind the alleged regime change in the South Asian major Muslim country.


An online survey on Twitter conducted by The South Asia Times on its official Twitter handle, asked a question from Pakistani users“ Do you agree with Pakistan former PM Imran Khan's claim that the US hatched a conspiracy against his govt and ousted him from power?


95.5% of users, who took part in the survey, responded with “yes” while 4.5% with “no”.


During 24 hours-long Twitter poll, where 3,596 people took part in the survey and casting vote while some of them also commented in support of their option. 


Khan’s supporter Maryam Malik wrote “absolutely yes” that the US was behind the conspiracy.


“There is absolutely no doubts amongst the majority in Pakistan that USA is behind this regime change event in Pakistan as every piece of the puzzle in the chaotic society of Pakistan never falls into place with such perfection & in such urgency,” another user Ali wrote. 


The charismatic Pakistani former premier Imran Khan accused Washington to toppled his government and using the former opposition alliance to ousted him from power through a no-trust motion  in the parliament. 


The US repeatedly denied the Khan’s claim and said Washington had no role in regime change in Pakistan. 


On April 10, nearly a dozen parties and some dissident MPs of Khan’s party ousted him from power through a no-confidence motion in the parliament.  


Khan later launched a countrywide protest and called the new regime an “imported government” and announced that he will not accept it.


Former cricket star turned politician now demanding for immediate election in the country and warned to bring massive crowd to the capital Islamabad soon if the government did not announce the election date.


Currently, his supporters are running campaigns on Twitter and Facebook and demanding elections as well. 


Khan’s party PTI had launched a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag  #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور(imported government is not acceptable)” that got a huge response and according to his party nearly 100 million people tweeted with this hashtag.


However, the new government information minister Marriyum Aurangzeb claimed the top trend was being run through bots.

On Sunday Khan' praised his supporters for continue social media campaign and called them "frontline warriors".


"I want to thank all our social media warriors who have valiantly taken our fight against US regime change conspiracy forward on all social media platforms.Continue carrying on our movement for Pak's sovereignty & democracy," Khan tweeted. 



Analysts believed that the ongoing political crisis could end through the announcement of elections.

`”I repeat, the only way for grand alliance govt is to give a clear timeframe for their electoral reforms& elections urgently-Not a Q of right or wrong-It is made of competing parties& worldviews-Disagreements r normal& will increase-While dong so, they must also reach out to ppl,” Ijaz Khan, former professor, and political analysts wrote on Twitter. 






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