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Sunday, 11 June 2023

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22 killed in bombing near foreign ministry in Kabul

22 killed in bombing near foreign ministry in Kabul

By Zahir Afghan 


KABUL: At least 22 people were killed and dozen other wounded on Wednesday in a huge explosion and gunfire outside Afghanistan's Foreign Ministry building in the capital Kabul, official said.


"So far 22 people confirmed to have lost their lives and 28 other wounded who were shifted to hospital," a senior officer in the Taliban security department in Kabul told the South Asia Times on condition of anonymity as so far official didn't release the official details.

He added that apparently, it was a suicide attack and security personnel couldn't identify it because of snowfall, and most people wearing heavy cloth, blankets and jackets.

Explosion also caused some damage to the buildings in the areas including the foreign ministry outside wall.


"The bomber probably trying to enter in the ministry building but he couldn't succeed in his terror plan because of strict security in the area," he observed.


Earlier, the spokesman for the Kabul police, Khalid Zadran, confirmed the explosion, saying casualties are feared.

He said security personnel have cordoned off the area.

“Today, at around 4 p.m. there was an explosion on the road of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which unfortunately resulted in casualties. Security teams have reached the area. The details of the incident will be shared with you later,” he tweeted.

However, later Zardan said that only five people have killed and score of other wounded. 


Daesh terrorist group mostly attacked civilian places and Taliban buildings since Taliban seized power in August 2021.

Last week, Taliban killed several Daesh militants and some of its terrorists were arrested who were involved in attack on the Pakistan embassy and a Chinese hotel in Kabul.

So far Taliban killed over 1,000 Daesh militants in operations across the country during the last one and a half year.


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