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Friday, 23 February 2024
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Pakistan army commanders notice ongoing propaganda against armed forces 

Pakistan army commanders notice ongoing propaganda against armed forces 


Western media outlets tried to provoke the young supporters of Khan and turned them against the armed forces.


By Mashal Khan


ISLAMABAD (TSAT) - Pakistan army's top commanders on Tuesday took strict notice of the ongoing propaganda against the armed forces and its leadership on social media. 


In a statement, issued by the army media-wing, ISPR, said the 79th Formation Commanders’ Conference was held at GHQ, chaired by army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa,


The conference was attended by Corps Commanders, Principal Staff Officers and all Formation Commanders of Pakistan Army.


 The participants were briefed on professional matters, national security challenges and measures being undertaken to counter traditional and non-traditional threats, said ISPR.


Army chief expressed satisfaction over operational preparedness of formations and response mechanism to deal with emerging challenges. 


The forum also paid rich tribute to the supreme sacrifices of officers and men to ensure the security of borders and the safety of the masses. 


“The forum took note of the recent propaganda campaign by some quarters to malign Pakistan Army and create division between the institution and society,” according to the ISPR.


“National Security of Pakistan is sacrosanct. Pakistan Army has always stood by the state institutions to guard it and always will, without any compromise,” it’s added.


 The forum also expressed complete confidence in leadership’s well-considered stance to uphold the constitution and rule of law, at all costs. 

 “Pakistan Army is aware of its responsibilities and shall continue to defend territorial integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan against all internal and external threats under all circumstances,” said Gen. Bajwa.


- Western, Indian media propaganda 



Since the political crisis emerged in the country in March and later opposition parties ousted Imran Khan from power last week, some social media users criticized the country’s military for not standing with Khan. 


However, former Prime Minister Imran Khan repeatedly said that he will fight against the opposition move and army will not involve in politics.


“Pakistan army is our power and we need to respect and strengthen them,” Khan said while addressing the nation before the success of the no-trust motion against him in the parliament. 


“Pakistan is safe because we have a strong army and everyone supports and stand behind them,” Khan added.


Since 2018, when Khan came into power, he enjoyed good relations with Gen. Bajwa till the last day in his office. 


Last week, the BBC, Guardian, and some other western media tried to malign the country's army and published reports from unnamed sources that the army had supported the opposition move against Khan. 


The western media outlets tried to provoke the young supporters of Khan and turned them against the armed forces.


Dozen of Khan supporters were misguided by the BBC and other western media stories and they shared it on social media.


The stories were also picked by anti-Pakistan and anti-army elements inside and outside the country and widely shared from fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook.


However, Khan spokesman Shehbaz Gill immediately asked his party followers to refrain from western and anti-Pakistan elements propaganda and Imran Khan’s supporters will stand behind the army. 


Later, ISPR also slammed BBC Urdu and said they published a “totally baseless and a pack of lies” story.


“The typical propaganda story lacks any credible, authentic and relevant source and violates basic journalistic ethos. There is no truth in the fake story whatsoever and clearly seems part of an organised disinformation campaign,” said ISPR


 “The matter is being taken up with BBC authorities,” it’s added. 


Khan who ruled the country for over three years, enjoyed good relations with its armed forces chiefs and army while remaining within the constitutional ambit had provided all sorts of support to his government, which still acknowledged by his ex-ministers and advisors. 


“Sensational stories being propagated over social and mainstream media about chief of army staff meeting with former PM Imran Khan under concocted and dubious circumstances on the night of 9 April is absolutely fake and pack of lies,” a senior officer told TSAT.



“Whatever has happened it has happened because of a parliamentary and constitutional process undertaken purely by political parties and army has nothing to do with it,” he added. 


The Indian media also took the western media stories and spread wide propaganda against the Pakistan army.  


“I would urge everyone to desist from unwarranted criticism of Army and COAS. Be a responsible citizen of Pakistan,” Muhammad Haroon Aslam. Lt Gen (Retd) wrote on Twitter. 


He added that the army protects the country's borders and stands behind the nation in every difficult time.

“Respect the Chief of army staff who is leading your army, this is your army and all soldiers of yours brothers and sons, stand behind them and fight against the anti-Pakistan elements propaganda,” he said. 

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