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Thursday, 23 March 2023

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China warns US to stop playing with fire

China warns US to stop playing with fire

By The South Asia Times 


BEIJING - China on Wednesday warned the US to stop playing with fire and accused Washington of pushing Taiwan for independence and warning that it will only bring disaster to Taiwan, state run-media said.

"It also proves that DPP [Democratic Progressive Party] authorities try to seek “independence” by relying on the US, which will only bring disaster to Taiwan compatriots," Global Times quoted Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of China as saying.

She added that the US uses the Taiwan question to contain China and harms its national interest.

Her statement came after recent media reports about Pentagon's top China official, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Chase, a stopover in Taiwan and Island regional leader Tsai Ing-wen meeting with US lawmakers.

On Tuesday, China's Foreign Ministry also warned that Beijing is strongly opposed to the US’s military ties with and arms sales to Taiwan.


“The “Taiwan independence” provocations of the DPP authorities will not change the fact that Taiwan is part of China or cause international support to falter over the one-China principle, and still less change the irreversible trend toward China’s reunification,” said the Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.


“Any separatist attempt or act of soliciting foreign support to undermine cross-Strait relations will only backfire and will not succeed,” he added.

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