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Sunday, 11 June 2023

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28 million Afghan lives in risk, UN chief warns 

28 million Afghan lives in risk, UN chief warns 

By Khushal Khan 


DOHA - UN Secretary General António Guterres has warned that millions Afghans lives are at risk as the war-torn country humanitarian crisis is the largest in the world.


Speaking to reporters in Doha after two-day UN-led talks on Afghanistan, the UN chief said It is difficult to overestimate the gravity of the situation in Afghanistan.
“Ninety-seven percent of Afghans live in poverty. Two-thirds of the population – 28 million – will need humanitarian assistance this year to survive,” he said and adding that six million Afghan children, women, and men are one step away from famine-like conditions.


He also complained that the UN didn’t receive the required funding as they are seeking $4.6 billion while just received $294 million from the world community.

“But funding is not the only concern. The vast majority of our personnel providing vital assistance are Afghan nationals. And many are women aid workers,” he said.


Talking about the ban on women working with aid agencies in Afghanistan, the UN chief said its an unacceptable act of the Taliban administration because its puts live in jeopardy.
“Let me be crystal clear: we will never be silent in the face of unprecedented, systemic attacks on women and girls’ rights.
We will always speak out when millions of women and girls are being silenced and erased from sight,” he added.
He called the Taliban administration's act as “a grave violation of fundamental human rights.”
“It also violates Afghanistan’s obligations under international law, namely, human rights law, and infringes on the principle of non-discrimination, which is a core tenet underpinning the United Nations Charter,” he said.

 Responding to a question about his meeting with Taliban leaders, he said “When it is the right moment to do so, I will obviously not refuse that possibility. Today, is not the right moment to do so.”

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