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Thursday, 23 March 2023

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AK Party slams Western media for targeting Turkish president

AK Party slams Western media for targeting Turkish president

Spokesperson Omer Celik says publications doing ‘black propaganda’


By Utku Simsek


ANKARA (AA) - The spokesperson for Türkiye's AK Party on Thursday slammed some Western media outlets for targeting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying they are doing “black propaganda.”

“What they are doing is not a media activity, it is primitive black propaganda,” Omer Celik wrote on Twitter.

“A Türkiye that does not receive instructions means a nightmare for these circles,” he added.

Noting that some Western media outlets “systematically target” the Turkish leader, Celik argued: “They are directly involved in the elections in Türkiye.”

According to Celik, they are “uncomfortable with our president's following an independent and principled line in foreign policy.”

Noting that the Turkish president’s “peace-oriented foreign policy” will continue to disturb them, Celik said: “The decisions that our nation will make with a high political consciousness will also teach the biggest lesson in history to foreign tutelage attempts.”

Germany's Stern magazine and British weekly The Economist recently published cover stories focusing on the Turkish president, as elections in the country near.

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