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Sunday, 11 June 2023

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Big fish hunts by Pakistan intelligence agencies

Big fish hunts by Pakistan intelligence agencies

By The South Asia Times

The arrest of Gulzar Imam alias Shamby, head of the banned Baloch terrorist organization, Baloch National Army (BNA) is another success story of Pakistan intelligence agencies after Kulbhushan, the serving Indian Navy commander and key asset of the Indian Intelligence Agency RAW in the region, was arrested in 2016.

Imam's arrest and his confession and later appealed to his followers to surrender before the state and keep down their arms was a major success. Imam accepted that the way he and his followers opted was wrong and that they should struggle for the development of their people and areas in a political way not with armed struggle.


Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Imam said he was on the wrong path to fight against his own state and played in the hands of anti-Pakistan elements, causing damage to his own country.

Now it's time for his followers to give off their arms and surrender before the state and join the peaceful society and work for their people.
All major issues in the world are always solved through political means. The society also develops with consensus and unity.

Therefore, if all the people of Balochistan work together, serve their people through political means, set up businesses and industries and provide employment opportunities for their people, it will help to build a new Balochistan.

By spending the funds of their province properly, will also help them to develop their areas. We are sure that Balochistan will become a prosperous province in a few years. Because the use of force and guns cannot develop any area but pushes it to be more disastrous. Therefore, it is high time that the government and the leaders of Balochistan sit together and bring all the groups into the national stream, end the conflicts, and start the journey of the development of Balochistan.


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