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Sunday, 11 June 2023

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Pakistan's young athlete needs funds to represent his country in upcoming  19' Asian Games 2022

Pakistan's young athlete needs funds to represent his country in upcoming  19' Asian Games 2022


By Imran Nasir


ISLAMABAD: A young Pakistan athlete Haider Salim Khan has launched  “Go Fund Me” for his training camp ahead of his participation in the upcoming 19' Asian Games 2022, Hangzhou.



Khan is planning to undergo a 3-month intensive training camp in Europe prior to the Games, with top world-class level coaches, and to enable him to participate at the Asian Games, along with his Coach, Horses and Grooms, for which he requires funds and to mark a milestone in the history of Pakistan to raising National Flag.




Haider SK Tarin is an 18-year-old Equestrian Athlete originating from Pakistan. 


His equestrian passion was inherited through his family, who have a long affiliation with equestrian sports and their love for horses, according to details of his “go fund me”. 



From a very young age, Haider had developed a passion for horse riding and rode at the first time at the age of 3 years! His father was affiliated with the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan - EFP for a long period and served as the Secretary General - EFP, from 2014 - 2018. 



Luck and timing were supporting Haider, when his father moved to Lahore, being the Secretary-General of EFP and Haider got admission at the Aitchison College Lahore. 



Aitchison College is a 130-year-old elite institution, which ensures to bring out the natural talents of each student.



Aitchison has produced multiple world-class sportsmen, which stood their ground and made the country proud with their performances and achievements. 



Joining Aitchison at the age of 6 in Class - K2, Haider joined the riding club.




For many years, Haider stood out and was one of the top few riders of his class. In 2018, Haider left Aitchison College as moved to Doha, Qatar, as his father was elected as the Deputy Secretary General of the Asian Equestrian Federation - AEF.



After shifting to Qatar, Haider got the opportunity to revert back to his passion of pursuing Equestrian Sports, and Qatar is being a very active and high-profile country in Equestrian Sports, had a lot to offer on the platter. 



With TOP Level Coaches, Horses, Facilities, and Opportunities to actively train and participate at various National Competitions. Since 2018 onwards, Haider followed his dream and passion and focused on the Equestrian discipline of Show Jumping, training with TOP Level European Coaches in Qatar and is presently considered in the good Expat Riders in Qatar, Jumping upto a Level of 130 cms.




Haider has recently been selected to represent Pakistan at the upcoming 19' Asian Games 2022, Hangzhou, China. 



The selections were done by the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan

  • EFP and Pakistan Olympic Association - POA. He will be representing Pakistan in the Individual Show Jumping Events.


“Unfortunately, as far as the Olympic Equestrian Sports are concerned (Show Jumping Dressage - Eventing) Pakistan does not have proper training facilities, trainers, and the Federation does not have extensive budgets to support the said infrastructure. In Pakistan,” Khan said and adding “we are more inclined towards Polo and Tent Pegging.



" It is a moment of great honor and pride for me, to be able to create a LEGACY and represent my beloved country PAKISTAN at the upcoming 19' Asian Games 2022, Hangzhou. China and raise our flag for the first time in the history of Pakistan at the Asian Games in equestrian events ,” Khan said. 




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