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Thursday, 07 December 2023
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Pakistani Police admit after nearly 16 hours to picking up a senior journalist from Islamabad 

Pakistani Police admit after nearly 16 hours to picking up a senior journalist from Islamabad 


By The South Asia Times 

ISLAMABAD - Pakistani police on Tuesday admitted that they have arrested a senior journalist Siddique Jan after remaining missing for nearly 16 hours.


Islamabad police confirmed and said they arrested Jan in a case related to clashes between police and former prime minister Imran Khan supporters in Islamabad on Saturday.


Jan was among those journalists who were covering the Khan appearance in a local court for his TV channel where clashes erupted after police started shelling over the Khan’s supporters following the former premier arrival at court premises. 


CCTV footage shared by Jan’s colleagues and journalists shows that some unknown people in civilian dress picked up him from outside his office in Islamabad and took him away in a private car.


Jan is the Bureau Chief of Bol News TV in Islamabad. 


Earlier on Monday, the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PMLN-N) vice president Maryam Nawaz close social media activist launched propaganda against Jan that he was accompanied by police who were firing tear gas at Islamabad police.


Maryam also retweeted that post from her official Twitter account.


However, later Jan proved the propaganda as false through video proof as the police constable who was firing shells from the Judicial Complex roof was a constable of Islamabad police. 


Jan and other journalists stopped him from shelling and asked him to refrain from using places where journalists got shelter as tear gas could also affect them. 


“Leave this place [asking police constable] why you are fire shells [on PTI workers] as they will be pelting us [journalists] in reaction,” Jan was saying in the video. 


Following exposed PMLN propaganda, he was arrested by Maryam’s government and remained to disappear for 16 hours.


However, Siddique Jan was apparently picked up in a video recorded by him outside the Judicial Complex in Islamabad before the police shelling and torture on Khan’s supporters, and the video show that several unknown people stood with police and waiting for Khan. 


Khan later show that video in his press conference and called it a “death trap” while he accused the government they wanted to kill him while creating chaos in the area. 


On Tuesday, police presented him in local court in Islamabad and registered a case under terrorism law against him.


Police requested the court for 10 days remand. However the judge handed him over on one day remand to the police.



During his appearance in court, Jan told the judge that police even didn't give him drinking water during last 20 hours. 


"This is facisim as Siddique Jan is very humble journalist and never did anything wrong to exposed the real face of some elements," Imran Riaz Khan, a senior journalist told Bol News. 

"Maryam Nawaz is behind this facisim and arrest of Siddique Jan," he added. 

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